Holistic Strategy

“Every advertisement should be thought of as a contribution to the complex symbol which is the brand image.” ~ ~ ~ David Ogilvy

You may need someone to run a Google ads campaign for you, or you may need the resources of a whole company that can function as your entire marketing department. We have the team and the capability to scale up or down with you based on your needs.

Everything you do has an impact on your company and your overall image or standing in your community.

Whether we implement your social media campaigns only, or we get you going from the start with an entire branding effort, we know that you are unique and we want everyone else to understand that as well. To properly convey a message, we must understand the message and we must understand your operations and your mindset.

After years of working with companies and individuals to promote and grow businesses, we’ve landed on a 6-step process that helps us get up to speed, create a sound plan, and generate the best ROI.

Our Six-Step Implementation and Accountability Plan

Understand Your Business:

  • ideal client
  • area of service
  • capacity for more business
  • sales and service process

Understand Your Goals:

  • short-term plans and needs
  • long-term goals and desires

Establish KPIs:

  • what do you want this marketing effort to accomplish
  • what is an acceptable cost per lead or cost per new customer
  • are you looking for brand awareness or phone calls or sales

Develop Solid Plan with Timeline:

  • what are the best marketing methods/channels
  • how much prep do we need
  • what does the schedule look like

Set Up Transparency:

  • we work inside any of your accounts (ie: Google ads, Google Analytics, FaceBook Business Manager, etc) so that you can see what is going on at all times

Provide Tracking:

  • no matter what kind of campaign you are running, we will provide you with monthly reports related to the KPIs we established as above
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